February 22, 2011

my auji 7 months

good morning malaysian!  'm extremely busy. what a hectic month of early semester.  preparing exam questions for xray, pka, ot , physio, pharmacy. almost over 100 ques including mcq &essay.. believe it or not? spontaneously collapse! nothing much to talk over questions and questions. bcoz that's my core business.so lets enjoy it.
anyway the story to highlight is

- My Auji -

 ehem.. as usual after 5 pm,  picked her up at kak nora's house. and what happened ... she was closely hugging her auntie nora when I showed my hands to take her home. and she also didn't raised her hands to hold me back. owh!  I was so sad &jealous! am I deserved to feel that? yes. because I was her mummy. she stayed there almost 9 hours/day X 5 days/week. while at home, she slept like a sleeping beauty. sorry baby. mummy &abah hav to work cari duit. only weekend was wonderful days for 3 of us. as far I concerned, she loved to stay there. a very secure &comfortable zone to play with her friends (alysha &k.nora's kids). sangat meriah oke! and my questions was answered then. so, big thanks to kak nora. for take a good care of my Auji..
~ mummy sayang baby ~ 


twinkletwinkle said...

bukan takat kat mummy dia xmo..kat makcik dia ni pun xmo gak...hehheh..nnt dah besor ckot xpe la...skg ni mmg budak2 x upa mau sgt kat org...mcm aku yg experience lak.....hahahahah....

Isma Liza Mohd Isa said...

hahaha cam kakak ulya dia jugak ni.. kecik2 xmau kt org.. m.cik dia xlama dah kot. ekekek

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