November 26, 2010

fact about breastmilk

BREAST MILK. relatively synonym to auji and me. milky smell of us! and alhamdulillah rezeki for auji. exclusively breastfeed her for 5months...and should be continued until age 2. amin~ pray for me..and lately November, extremely busy invigilating exam, marking exam papers, rushing in and out of college.. so tired. and of course my pumping session is not consistent as well. huwaaa! the milk stock = half of freezer in fridge. and have to struggle pumping and stock the milk.. so sad. but..don't get upset mummy!.keep up good work okeh. 
btw. here is some fact about breast milk. specially dedicated for those who is interested to know about breastfeeding. breast milk is produced after childbirth and the first few days initial milk come out as colostrum. yellowish color and highly contain of Immunoglobulin A (IgA) and protein. so that, baby receive antibody as passive naturally acquired immunity. IgA in breast milk highly remains at least 7 1/2 months of postpartum period. the importance of colostrum is for development of digestive system which coats gastrointestinal tract. and after 3 to 4 days, breasts begin to produce watery and sweet milk with composition of protein, sugar and minerals. and the first drawn of milk during feeding is called foremilk. which is watery, low protein and high carbohydrate. while hindmilk is much more creamy milk, released after foremilk during feeding process. rich of fat and calorie.. overall, the composition of breastmilk is protein, fat, carbohidrate and minerals. refer to table as below.
total (g/100 ml) 4.2
fatty acids - length 8C (% ) trace
polyunsaturated fatty acids (%) 14
Protein (g/100 ml)
total 1.1
casein 0.4 0.3
a-lactalbumin 0.3
lactoferrin 0.2
IgA 0.1
IgG 0.001
lysozyme 0.05
serum albumin 0.05
ß-lactoglobulin -
Carbohydrate (g/100 ml)
lactose 7
oligosaccharides 0.5
Minerals (g/100 ml)
calcium 0.03
phosphorus 0.014
sodium 0.015
potassium 0.055
chlorine 0.043

November 01, 2010

end of semester july 2010

praktikal OT sem 2
tutorial farmasi sem 1
alhamdulillah. smpai penghujung semester. student pun dah start revision & next week exam final.. good luck to all my studentz.. fisioterapi sem 1, OT sem 2, Xray sem 1, farmasi sem 1.. all the best for anatomi & fisiologi.. dan tak de dah stay up mlm-mlm prepare powerpoint/ tutorial for dis semester.. da boleh tido sepenuh spjg mlm dgn baby n hubby my love~

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