September 01, 2010

susu ibu

susu ibu oh! susu.. and I'll exclusively breastfeed my auji adni umairah till 2 year old. waah. what a very ambitious being a new working mummy..hopefully! will last for 2 years! amin.. and people out there also know breastfeeding is the best for baby, best for mummy. but it is not always easy. trust me, it's very challenging! physically and mentally involved in order to produce breast milk. if not, milk does't come out! owh.. Me and my career 8.00am - 5.00pm every monday to friday, have to pum breast milk early morning before go to work.lunch break. after work or pumping continued before 12.00mlm..that's my daily routine to stock breastmilk and the same time i'll directly breastfeed my baby during the nite.. and hard time, may face some difficulties. bleeding nipples, sore nipples, itchy, baby upset feeding on left breast, feeling pain during breastfeeding and big bra size!. but no matter how it's, the problems can be solved.. the most important thing is moral support from hubby..and it is worth. Thank you Allah for giving my baby this rezeki. and as for my self, breastfeeding is a very enjoyable and precious gift that i can give for my auji adni. spend the time with her, dodoi her to sleep and keep close bonding with her. muah muah muahh..intan payung mummy & abah~

ready stock for august. each container 80-90ml /3 fl oz
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