January 11, 2011

year end 2010

new inspiration of welcome year 2011..
bye bye 2010 with memorable and valuable notes in my life
end dec 2010, a month of  being more sensitive. but only he knows
some quotes year end 2010.
wife: apa azam thn baru by?
hubby: jd superman.
wife: super mcm mana
hubby: jd superman
wife: by ape azam by?
hubby: jd suami & abah yg terbaik.
wife diam sambil menangis.
hubby: nape nangis?
wife: sbb ayg syg by sangat-sangat.

wife: by, sape yg plg by syg?
hubby: syg byk ketegori. tuhan, ibubapa. da tau kan jwpn. mestila isma liza
wife: sape isma liza tu.
hubby: yg suka habiskan duit.
wife: hehehe

thank you Allah. I'm the 1st and only wife of Asrizal Abdul Rahman. that is our promise. that is what hubby promise. thank you hubby. you are my soul mate till the end~ may god bless us. 'dulu kini selamanya'
to my love hubby, no matter happens, we must and always being together and be strong. really need your strength in every second. our auji adni umairah, seed of our love, a gift from Allah..


NoRazUraShIma said...

as long as we keep our promise together+Allah blessing=)

isma liza said...

insyllh. till the end..

p.e.e.p.a said...

to quote a friend of mine-'moga bahagia, moga jodoh berkekalan di dunia sehinggalah akhirat'..

selamat tahun baru isma =)

isma liza said...

amin. insyaAllh..
taja. same to u.. hppy new year

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