June 27, 2013

closing 2012 and shining 2013 onwards

Assalamualaikum everyone

Hi, I'm back after a year. 1 1/2 year to be exact! Hope everything's going fine.. 
lots of stories to be noted here. such a meaningful moments to be shared with you guys. 
Seriously I don't expect so much changes in my life but it is! amazing isn't it..

26.12.12. A very unforgettable date. I became a mother of 2. Wow! What a wonderful experience for having svd 
for my gorgeous 2nd little princess Adni Khayla Batrisyia. 
Thank you Allah for giving me a great chance 
and luckily I had a very minimal stress during my confinement days. 
Of course that was my 2nd time confinement so that I can managed to control emotional and physically changes. 

Adni Khayla Batrisyia
DOB 26.12.12
Hosp. Selayang, Selangor
Had prolonged jaundice
Recovered about 1 month
Mummy always pray for your good health
Welcome home Adik Khayla!
HG2 Indah Condo Prima Damansara
Homemade baby blue pooh bedding set
specially for adik!
Kakak Auji babysitting adik..
love them so much
Cukur rambut adik!

most recommended Avent double pump electric

As you may know me, I love breastfeeding. 
How fancy experience to get a full chest freezer stock of EBM at that time. I'd proven it and it was worth it. well done Isma! The most important thing was a full support from lovely people around me. Not to forgot, million of thanks to my love hubby, mom and family for taking care of me and adik khayla as well. 

EBM stock!
.. next epilog ..
a big moving ahead

Yes! Study abroad was one of my ambitions and I got it! 
Another challenging for me was I had to manage sponsorship documents during pregnancy and confinement days.
I can't imagine how tough I had gone through all this process. A preggy mom with a big tummy and 2++ years old Auji went to crime courts for a meeting to do document translation. 
People there were suspiciously looking at us! Or may be I felt paranoid?? Hehehee.. 
By the way, that was my 1st time entered the courts and saw criminals with handcuffed!! 
and after couple of months, I was super busy dealing with my sponsor to get money before flying to Ireland. attending btn course 
and also busy handling short term garage sales in prima damansara
bye bye katil idaman ikea and all my favorable stuffs.

But how about my job? Definitely I'd to resign as my bos totally didn't support my cbtg application. That was a pretty hard desicion i ever made! Thus, some narrow-minded people sarcastically thrown negative words on me! My frontal still briliantly working. I didnt need that kind of mentality but I was really grateful to have you. 
Really appreciated all your wishes were about to motivate me a lot.

Whatever it was, finally on March 2013..
my kids, husband and I were safely arrived in Galway, Ireland.
Sacrifice, love and happiness bring us here. New chapter of love in shamrock just begin. 
May Allah always bless us and thereafter. Hope we can make the best use all chances and experiences here. 

2 sleeping beauty in KLIA  >.<
Enjoy eating meal in flight
Auji on troley! ehehe
4 of us in Go Bus. from dublin to galway
-the end-


Myzatul Nyza said...

gud luck my dear friend..u r one of my motivational inspiration..including hasbah..both of u are so brave! keep on moving..until you meet your dream! i am here, always supporting you!

Isma Liza Mohd Isa said...

Thnk you so much mai. For your support & positive aura! Do keep in touch . I ll be here always to hear news from u. Chaiyok2

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