June 15, 2011

.:: the beauty of marriage love ::.

tip tap tip tup.. another 6 june. how time flies!
and i wish the next 6 june . next and next ~ infinity. may Allah bless us. our happy marriage. our loving family. our love story. our worth legacy. and everything. amin..
am i a good wife? wonderful mom? hubby. cepat jawab nie. and i realize, i'm such a baby babbler plus hormone imbalance. sometimes excessively talking. sometimes deeply sensitive. sometimes highly ambitious, sometimes madly fighting. and most of the time enthusiastically in love with hubby. really love my hubby. very much. and much! indescribable love.. and the beauty of it when we are having a daughter. a very precious gift  for us. and i'm very thankful. married a handsome and macho hubby. a captain of family h-g-2. always take a good care of me and my auji. make me smile every second. wake me up early morning. jalan-jalan cari makan every weekend. help me to get auji poop out. support me to fully breastfeed auji. play and laugh together. but sometimes we have up's and down's. unintentionally turn to hurt feelings. hardly to convince and forgive each other. but no matter happens, we learn from that. nobody perfect. but there’s always one guy that is perfect for me which is Asrizal Abdul Rahman >_< thank you hubby.
Ya Allah. kurniakan kami zuriat yang soleh dan solehah. tambahkan ketaqwaan kami kepada Mu. semarakkan rasa cintaku pada suamiku dan begitu juga cinta suamiku kepada ku di dunia dan sampai akhirat. masukkan kami ke dalam syurgaMu. berkati dan kekalkan kebahagiaan cinta, perkahwinan dan keluarga kami sampai syurga. amin.
.:: one love. one heart. one destiny ::.

Happy 2nd Anniversary 

Asrizal & Isma Liza


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